There is no way to prepare for a 37,000 challenge sitting in every seat at a college stadium. You can really prepare for that, but you can guess until Mother Nature drops cold temperatures and rain all day.

The queen did all the above at Albertson's Stadium as I attempted to Rise Up for Child Abuse by sitting in each stadium seat. I plan to stand for all those kids who can't stand for themselves. We finished up day two with non-stop rain, cold temperatures, and 5800 squats in the books. We're moving into day two on Tuesday.

5800 squats felt like almost 6000 rainy puddle flops. The metal seats were filled with rain and so were my shorts and sweatshirt. I was drenched for 8 hours straight. That's okay by mean thought considering the pain kids go through in an abusive situation could ultimately end their lives. So, what's a little pain if we can get your attention that, "It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child."

I'm sitting in these seats to raise awareness but also sell out Alberton's Stadium for one dollar per seat. That comes close to $37,000 with 100% of those proceeds going to FACES of Hope. Idahoans are too prideful and there is no way we don't smash our goal. Everyone has at least one simple dollar, right?

I loved the power of our social media outlets from Instagram and Facebook. People posted messages like Heather that dropped $100 for 100 and Don Day from BoiseDev who purchased 100 seats. First Federal Bank purchased the first 500 seats and that lists just continued. I heard we might be near halfway to 37,000, but we'll find out on Tuesday morning.

Thanks to everyone for the first day of great success. I enlisted and begged my best friend to assist me side by side to basically babysit me. Lucky helped me start to battle against child abuse 14 years ago and he's back to help. Moug and Angie including Mallory will be taking my calls from Albertson's Stadium and sitting in seats. This is a family affair and we need you to help us get through this every step of the way.

I'm behind about 1800 behind on my seat count but that's okay. The first day through punches with a heavier than usual soaked squat load. That really slowed me down and just the first-day setup. Tuesday we need to hit about 8000 squats. I have no idea what that feels like when the sun comes up. I guess I'll find out with my son and daughter jump on me at 6 AM.

You can stream everything right here. You can also donate $1 dollar or however much you like. Each dollar represents a see and we want to sell out Albertson's Stadium. Do you want to help us? Just follow the links.

Rise Up Day One

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