I'd always thought there were only two types of kisses; closed mouth and open mouth. I was wrong and there are a lot of wrong ways to kiss someone! Don't be a bad kisser!

Steve Frost

I'm a huge fan of kissing! Love, love, love to lip lock with a summer crush! Unfortunately there's a lot of bad kissers out there. When I saw this list from Female First, I definitely identified some of these smoochers.

The 10 worst kisses ever

  • The Cannibal- Otherwise known as the lip biter- they see it in films and think they can pull it off- but it just feels like they are eating your face.
  • The Dentist- Or the toothy kisser- you may need work doing after smooching this guy.
  • The Buffet- The guy who neglected to chew gum or brush his teeth after his last pongy food choice.
  • The Vampire- Or the 'hicky enthusiast' who likes to nibble on your neck in the dark.
  • The Reptile- The one who just uses their tongue like a giant poking device.
  • The Presumer- The man who goes in for a kiss and even when there is no reciprocation- keeps going.
  • The Puppy Dog- The dude who licks your face.
  • The Spin Cycle- Someone who loves the circular motion.
  • The Darth Vader- The man who deep breathes while you're lip locking- all you wanted was a kiss not resuscitation.
  • The Amateur Hour- Finally the man who has absolutely no idea what he's doing but makes up for it in enthusiasm.

My addition to the list is the sucker fish. His lips never meet yours. They engulf your face, suck and salivate all around your mouth never actually making contact with your lips. Then when you're done you have to wipe off all the spit. Listener #2, Jennifer, likes to refer to this as the Grouper.

What kisses missing from this list? What is the worst kiss you've ever received? Remember, don't be a bad kisser. Be willing to get help if you are :)