What is it? Table Rock? Jump Creek Falls? The Greenbelt? The fountains at the The Village with people surrounding them is a go-to for some...

Went to eat at The Village in Meridian last night and there was a couple, late 40's-early 50's getting HOT AND HEAVY making out inside near the fountains. I think they were waiting for coffee or something. Anyway, at first it looked like the woman was sad and the guy was consoling her and holding her close. Again, we're in public, at The Village at Meridian, with people EVERYWHERE. He starts running his fingers through her hair, next thing you know she's got her hands all over his chest, they're kissing each other's necks, etc, etc.

I actually thought... Good for them! It's a little aggressive in public but I've certainly done worse. It's a friendly reminder to keep the electricity alive in your relationship as long as you can, which I have every intention of doing. Am I weird for watching this so intently and is it even more weird that I remembered it so vividly that I wrote an article about it? Perhaps! Other good makeout spots (in my opinion) would be... On the greenbelt, up at Bogus Basin looking at the views, Lucky Peak Lake during the summer time, or the Kuna caves if you were so daring, but that sounds difficult and scary, so maybe not.

That said, where is the best make-out spot in the Treasure Valley? Romantic views and the works?

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