Seriously. What Makes A Bad Kisser?
A friend of mine got LEFT on a date because he was a bad kisser. After she was gone she sent a text saying that he was a bad kisser and that it was something very important to her.
The Ten Worst Kisses
I'd always thought there were only two types of kisses; closed mouth and open mouth. I was wrong and there are a lot of wrong ways to kiss someone! Don't be a bad kisser!
Cute or Crazy? A Doggie Kissing Booth!
I have to admit, I'm a little grossed out by the thought of a kissing booth, even if it's a hottie in there all puckered up and waiting.  One just doesn't know where those lips have been.  Now, what about a doggie kissing booth?
What If The Person You’re Dating Is A Bad Kisser?
Come on can of worms, open up.
It's a conversation that's hard to have, right?  "Hey hottie, I like you and all, but the kissing part isn't happening for me."  Not something we want to say, or hear!
I just read that since kissing is a "learned b…
There Is No Excuse For Being A Bad Kisser
If you spent Valentine's Day alone, it may be because you suck at kissing.  If that’s the case, I have some good news for you.  You never have to go another night without someone to kiss, or at least some thing to kiss.
Keep Your Lips Off My Husband!
Free Advice Friday wasn't so quick and easy today.  Mike thought it wasn't that big of a deal. I would be weirded out if one of my friend's husbands leaned in and did this to me.