On Other People's Problems, a man is thinking about ending his engagement. He is madly in love with his fiance but there is one big problem in their relationship.


I'm engaged to be married this fall. We've been together for 2 years and engaged since New Years. I was previously married and have two kids that are preteens. I've been divorced for almost 6 years.
My fiance is amazing. She truly is the woman of my dreams. And she really tries with my kids.
The problem is my kids have never accepted her. They've never warmed up to her. I blame my ex. She is bitter and has never gotten over the divorce. I left her because I was no longer in love with her. By the way my children act towards my fiance I have a feeling that my ex is bad mouthing her to my kids. And kudos to my fiance she really tries and never lets it show that she is hurt that they won't accept her. I know it really bothers her. It bothers me. I kept thinking that they would come around. I thought once they saw that my fiance is going to be in my life forever that they would let their guard down. I've tried talking to them but the hostility bleeds through every time its my week with them.
I will admit, it's miserable when I have my kids. My fiance moved it after we got engaged. And it's a constant battle with my kids. I basically spend the entire week sitting them down and talking to them about their behavior and their bad attitudes. If I'm not doing that, they're in their rooms grounded from for mouthing off to my fiance.
I'm at my whits end. I've been thinking about ending my engagement. I can't get rid of my kids, nor do I want to. And I don't want to ruin my relationship with them. I'm worried the divide is only going to get worse. But I'm so in love with my fiance. At the same time this is no way to live. We're miserable every other week. She deserves better than that. I would feel selfish asking her to wait for me until my kids are grown.
What should I do?

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