Yellowstone National Park may be one of the most romantic places in the United States to get engaged. Zach Chatham, aka Zach “N Cheese,” proposed to the love of his life there with a picturesque mountain background. However, the mountains aren't going to be what their grandchildren talk about when they look at Grandma and Grandpa's engagement pictures; it'll be the giant Oscar Mayer Wienermobile parked behind them!

Zach is a "Hotdoger" for the Oscar Mayer company which is actually a pretty cool job.  Hotdoggers spend one year driving across the country in the world-famous Wienermobile. Additionally, they serve as brand ambassadors. The job is so exclusive Oscar Mayer claims that more people have been to outer space than those who have held the prestigious position. Zach shared with Fox News, "When I received the job offer to become a Hotdogger, I immediately knew this was my chance to propose in a way that shows how special she truly is to me.” Kind of a funny thing to be the first thought you have after landing a job offer but at the same time, kind of a funny job to have.

Oscar Meyer also gave the couple a shout out on their Weinermobile twitter account saying, "Our main man Zach n Cheese is getting hitched! Not to take credit, but we’re a pretty good wing bun... If you also have something big planned, we’ve got you. Head to to request the world’s best and only wing man on wheels.

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