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Mike, I need your listeners help,


My fiancé and I are getting married in September and I am starting to get cold feet. I am nervous about marrying her because she has a crazy family. I'm talking about absolutely nuts.


My friends say I'm marrying her not her family, but I saw what happened to my brother when he married into a crazy family. He inherited his wife's problems and all the family issues that went along with it.


I still love my girlfriend but her family is really starting to scare me. Just a few of the things that are starting to freak me out: They show up at all hours unannounced, expecting us to entertain them. It could be 6 in the morning or 11 at night after we are already in bed.


They also insist on approving all wedding guests. They say since they're paying for part of it, it's up to them to say who can be there. I have to be able to justify everyone who I'm inviting. Who does that?


My girlfriend wants me to just go along with everything and not rock the boat. There's a bunch more crazy stuff but I won't bore you.


Is it too late to call off the wedding? Can I just put it on hold for a while or does that make me a big d-bag?


Is a crazy family a legitimate reason to back out? I totally believe that when you marry someone you are marrying her family too.


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