One Of The Top Botched Proposals Ever! Oops.
This is heart-breaking!  Some people have said they think it's fake, but I don't see how it can be.  There are too many hands over mouths, gasping and I think there's even some spontaneous crying.
I hope that was a cheap ring from the big box store jewelry counter...
Want To See Really Awkward Engagement Photos?
There are a number of "awkward" photo sites...family photos, Walmart photos, unfortunate senior photos, but I have just run across one of my very favorites.
Awkward Engagement Photos is awesome!   What in the world makes some people think these are a great demonstration of…
Love Ain’t Cheap!
Well, engagement rings are getting a little cheaper. Sort of.
The average engagement ring cost over $2400 last year, according to a survey by American Express, and this year guys are shelling out $2311 for that rock. Still pricey!
Sometimes A Little Good Can Come From Something Horrible
31-year-old James Costello of Malden, Massachusetts was one of the victims in the Boston Marathon bombing on back on April 15th.  He was standing near the finish line with his friends, and suffered severe burns that required several surgeries and skin grafts....... Three people he was with lost…