When we booked our wedding venue a year and a half ago, we never thought we'd send three invites to our guests, yet here we are.

We sent out our "save the dates" last fall, basically alerting people that our wedding was coming in April; a quick heads up. Then in late January/early February we sent out the official invitations, which Stacy worked SO hard on. She even hand sealed them all with a wax stamp with our initials on it.

We were so stoked to be DONE with the whole invitations part of the wedding, it's actually a lot of work to gather everyone's addresses and it's a pretty formal part of the the process. And there we were, quickly approaching our wedding date of April 25th when all the sudden, the Coronavirus had an uptick, and we quickly realized we were going to have to postpone. We got a new date set and a new challenge: letting everyone know about the change!

So Stacy got on it and yesterday we sent out our "change the dates", something we never thought we'd go through, yet here we are.

In the grand scheme of things, we're grateful that it's worked out and we just hope we won't have to postpone again!

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