I Keep seeing and it's become that punchline to chalk up anything bad to 2020. If I was still in high school getting bad grades that would be my out, must just be 2020 dad. I used the words 'political pandemic' because politics is destroying us.

The election is really only weeks away and I've never been so disappointed in my life with the things I'm learning. That doesn't mean that my beliefs should be yours. I'm just more shocked at the hate and what if it's coming from your family?

I'm not sure how to write this without offending family but how do you act when it's you taking the offense? How do I even say this without bringing religion and beliefs into the topic? My mom taught us to keep family within the family. Meaning, the only people that need to know our issues are us. I learned that the hard way in a few instances.

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Maybe this is my vent session and it will be the last. What happened to common decency? Being nice? I don't judge based upon the GOD you worship or the garments that sit in your closet. I'm not closing the door on you because of the gender you follow for love. I have no right to judge what happens to your body. I don't see skin color, I see the person and the soul. I'm the last to whisper in someone's ear to discuss your wardrobe. What happened to us?

I've read some disturbing things from the family that really made me shake my head. I'm seeing it from neighbors, listeners and the long list goes on. Meanwhile, I just read a story of a 13-year-old little girl who took her life, and the parents were caught by surprise. No idea. While people trash each other I get a massive smile because my girl Erin who listens is beating breast cancer.

I just saw Maggie O'Mara from KTVB post a story up today on her Instagram.

That's what is more important to me. You probably don't want to read my message on this soapbox but someone needs to say it. We choose to follow people and build relationships. That's when things get dirty or maybe it's a breath of fresh air.

I would give myself advice by saying, "don't follow them." Okay. Alright. I get it. It's everywhere though and the hate can become contagious on both ends.

I wear a mask everywhere I go. You want to know why? I have a son who is more likely to catch something because of his health issues that you might not have to worry about. I have a wife that has a years-long history of problems that include problems with her heart. I can't take any chances. That means if there is a 1% chance I could catch something that would put my family in harm's way - I'll pass. That's my responsibility. That doesn't give you the right to shame me or anyone else because you don't walk in their shoes.

When my son was in that ambulance and we almost lost him I didn't ask, "Hey, who are you voting for?" I never looked at one person and asked, "Who do you love?" Or, "What's your religion?" Do you know what I said? "Can you save my son's life? Please fix him."

I hope we can shelter our personal views where they belong and find compassion. Life is not promised. Love is infectious. I pray that we're able to get through this without hating each in the end. Remember that you can't take back what you say. Words mean something.

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