Do Politics End Friendships?
Seems like a ridiculous choice to have to make, but in the current political climate and the vast access to information and misinformation, pepper in the fact that any and everyone can share a meme that seemingly shatters an entire belief system, this is often a choice that needs to be made.
Doors Are Open. Boise Officially Passes Resolution.
City officials are standing up and declaring that Boise "Welcomes All". By a vote of 5-0 the City of Trees will forever be known as the city that opens its doors to immigrants,and refugees looking to escape the violence of there homeland...
Has This Teacher Stepped Over The Line?
Teachers in the Treasure Valley don't get enough credit for the hard work they do day in and day out. And I don't mean the crazy that comes from the kids...sometimes parent's are just as bad. This time though I have to side with parents. Let me explain...