I thought the election 12 years ago was massive when President Obama went up against John McCain. Remember Sarah Palin? That was a historic and insane election.

Does that have anything at all on this year? Something? The newest buzz seems to be about changing your mind if you've already voted. Can you do that? Yes and no.

I'd like to go on the record by saying this, "who is still confused? I'm shocked when you watch the news with like 10 people in the audience that are undecided voters. This year more than ever it seems like you either love or hate the candidates. It just doesn't feel like an in-between but who knows.

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Donald Trump started a new topic that is actually trending based upon something he said while a campaign stop.

Can you change your vote once you've already voted? Let's just say you voted early for Biden and now you've seen the light, Donald Trump is your man. How do you change it considering the election is on Tuesday?

It is not correct that most states allow you to cancel an already cast absentee ballot. It depends on when processing begins and what processing means in that state. The majority of states would not allow voters to cancel already cast ballots.

That comes from Matthew Weil, director of the Elections Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center. That's from an article from Statesman.

Okay. What about Idaho? KTVB actually went into extreme detail on whether you can or can't change your vote. The answer is no by the way. You can't change your mind in the state of Idaho. Once you lock it and drop it, that's it. Not exactly the case in other states and you can read more below. It's a process and then you have an issue of two votes.

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