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It's all about that all mighty dollar isn't it? We're getting literally killed by a pandemic and Netflix decides to raise our rates.

Congratulations binge king because looks like your shares gained value. Let's all stand up and celebrate for everyone on Wallstreet. What that over the top?

Netflix just announced that immediately we will all be paying more for our service. I mean look Idaho. You stay at home, binge like a freak, order your food at home, and work from home. You've got to pay more! All you Idahoans have been getting over on Netflix for all these years and it's time uncle Flix came for you. I kid. You've got to laugh because we all had to know it was coming.

Here's what I found out. Netflix raised these prices Thursday and yes that's asap.

  • Entry-Level Basic Plan - $8.99 This isn't changing and you can go back to watching.
  • Standard Level Plan - It went up from $12.99 to $13.99
  • Premium Level Plan - It went up more from $15.99 to $17.99

There are so many people who have cut the cord and rely on just Netflix. This might not bother you that much. I say that knowing people leave terrible reviews on free app pages. People love to complain 😂 Look, I'm broke! Get pissed. If you're ever been someone who digs in every corner of your car looking for pennies to put gas in your car, this hurts.

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The real question is will you cancel now? Never. Just understand that the bigger Netflix's shows get, the more money they drop in the movies, and higher rates actors make will continue to drive the price.

For now, it's just a couple of dollars. Sidenote: This would have been a great thing for the candidates to run on. FREE NETFLIX.


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