If you love Panera you might just be throwing a party, a pizza extravaganza to be exact. The very popular restaurant just made a big announcement.

Panera Bread will now be adding pizza to their delicious menu. It's funny because my favorite part of Panera isn't exactly the food but how you can just walk in, look for your bag in a bin and walk out. I love that.

We have seen several fast-food chains change their direction to facilitate the demand of customers. Burger King went meatless, McDonald's added pastries & spicy nuggets, Wendy's added a classic chicken sandwich and the list grows.

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We're living in that world where anything we want is at our fingertips and Panera Bread doesn't want to miss out. This makes us happy 🍕

If you already love Panera you must be wondering what this is going to taste like? I was so close to ordering that pizza during lunch as things have already started. You could order pizza tonight!

Panera's chief brand and concept officer mentioned that Drive-thru orders have jumped in the high double digits during the pandemic. This is why you're seeing more Drive-thru  Now I know.

Let's get to Panera's new flatbread meals.

  • Chipotle Chicken and Bacon
  • Margherita
  • Cheese

Pricing for the new flatbread pizzas begin at $7.99 and can be shared with friends. That means there's plenty to go around. Looks like Panera has been testing this for over a year to assist in more dinner customers. So, this isn't a surprise but more just good timing. You find out more below.

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