On Other People's Problems today, a couple has decided they can't handle the chaos of planning a big wedding so they're going to elope. Now they can't agree how to do that.

Other People's Problem To Elope
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Mike & Kate-
My fiance and I have decided to elope. Planning a wedding got to be too much. Both sides of our family were making it impossible to agree on anything. Instead of being the happiest time of our life, it has been the most stressful time of our life.
On New Years Eve we will be getting married in Las Vegas. Making this decision has been so much easier. There is only one problem that we can't agree on. I want to tell our family that we're eloping and my fiance says that defeats the purpose of eloping. He says we need to run off to Vegas and then come home and tell everyone we got married. I see his point that our family will only ruin it for us if they know ahead of time. They will try and talk us out of it or try and come with us. My problem is that my mother will be heartbroken that I got married without her. So the least I can do is give her a heads up. She has been planning my wedding since I was five. She is going to be devastated when she finds out the wedding of her dreams won't be happening. I thought telling her we're eloping to Vegas would soften the blow. My fiance says no. The whole point is run off in secret and then come home and share the news. I don't want to start our lives together in turmoil. I'm hoping other people can share what they did when they eloped. Did you tell people ahead of time? Who is right? My fiance or me?

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