Our wedding has officially been cancelled. We've decided we're going to elope instead. Is it weird that I'm kind of excited about our new plan? And where should we honeymoon? McCall? Some other cool local, but not TOO close to home spot? Any ideas?

So I got engaged in the Spring of last year to Stacy and we planned this big wedding in San Diego (where we were living for two short years) for April of this year, which we were VERY excited about for a long time. We moved to Idaho in January and even though that wedding was now going to be a destination wedding, we're still very excited.

We had it all planned out, good to go when the pandemic hit and we realized we would have to postpone. So, being naive, back in March we thought if we pushed it back to November we'd totally be in the clear. Well, as we got closer and closer we started to wonder how many guests would be allowed at the venue, would our guests be willing to travel? Several of Stacy's guests live in Germany so they wouldn't be able to make it at all. I've got family friends in Japan and Stacy and I both have guests scattered around the country.

So here we were on the hook for this big wedding that we weren't quite sure many would attend. Well, we started discussing options and decided to cancel the big wedding. We'd rather do a small elopement here in Idaho in early January with immediate family and do a reception with everyone else down the road. This also gives our families who haven't yet been to Boise a chance to come visit and see what our lives are like now so it serves multiple purposes.

At first it was a bummer, but now we're both kind of excited to just get married, even if it is small. We might do a honeymoon in McCall, I think Shore Lodge would be nice but we're still trying to figure all that out (Suggestions Welcomed, of course). But the bottom line is, after all the craziness of 2020, we're still going strong and we can't wait to get married as a great way to kick off 2021.

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