I know I write a lot about the whole wedding thing but it's a confusing year... We had planned a big wedding for April 25th and had to move it, now we're thinking of scrapping it all and doing something different.

As it turns out, there are a lot of awesome places you can elope in Idaho with beautiful views and for a relatively low cost. So our original wedding plan was for a big wedding in San Diego and we rescheduled it for November but as this craziness of 2020 continues to roll on, we're starting to doubt people will travel for our wedding and we know we likely won't get our deposits back if we just cancel altogether.

So a new idea has come up; what if we push the big wedding way back, like Spring or Fall of 2022 so we know we'll be in the clear Coronavirus wise and we'll have all the family and friends celebrate with us then. But in the mean time, we'd still like to get married relatively soon and start our life together so maybe the move is to do something really small, elope somewhere nearby with our closest friends and family. But where should we do it?

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