We are currently 39 days and counting until my wonderful birthday. November 3rd was the day that GOD decided the nation needed me. What a smart man! Seriously, it is my birthday but more importantly the Presidential Election.

Each of our lives has been impacted by something in 2020 that includes a worldwide pandemic that's gone be felt for years to come. Companies are going through their own pitfalls and Costco has just made a public decision that involves Black Lives Matter.

Costco has supposedly made the decision to discontinue Palmetto Cheese nationwide. The owner of the pimento cheese brand said in a statement that Black Lives Matter was a "terror organization." That prompted Costco to react and immediately pull products from shelves.

The only comment I've been able to track down is from Brian Henry, the founder of Palmetto Cheese.

They will occasionally add and drop products as a matter of normal business. We remain optimistic that Palmetto Cheese will be back on the shelves in the not too distant future.

This coming after officers weren't charged in the death of Breonna Tyler. This was the story of the woman who killed in her sleep after officers raided the wrong house. We see racial divide more now than I've ever witnessed and as we flip the days until the election I'm afraid we'll see more.

I'll keep you posted because things like this don't just disappear. The last thing you might not want to deal with is a line of people protesting and it just feels like we most see more down the political stretch.

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