The Coronavirus gave us something great this year, a new baby is on the way! There was no plan and honestly, we didn't really have that serious discussion yet. I guess it's too late for that!

My wife found out she's pregnant and here we go again! I can't believe we'll be welcoming in baby number three. Lennox and Leo will be joined by another angel this Summer.

We actually found out pretty early with somewhat complications that kept us on end. Everything seems to be great and my wife has been sick every single day. That's no joke and women reading understand. My wife looks in the direction of cereal and has to turn away.

You're supposed to plan these things, especially in 2021 right? Well, I'm in heavy preparation mode. There is this fear of the pandemic, economy, and other things that slip into your thoughts each night. We really don't know what's coming and all we can do is have faith.

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Yes, I'm very excited! This was just very unexpected and a blessing. There are too many women trying to get pregnant with so many obstacles in their way. We are very thankful and pray for a healthy pregnancy.

There is this pressure poking at me. I'm taking night classes to further my education to help provide for my family and I purchased an Instant Pot. You like how eduction and Instant Pot was in the same category of important things. Don't worry because my wife still cooks all the great stuff. I did learn it makes great rice, bacon, and boiled eggs. Life changer (not really).

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I'm currently taking endorsements for baby stuff, home furnishings, free gas, money, and college tuition. I would be okay with just winning Powerball or Mega Millions. In the meantime, everything is going to be great! I can't wait for these kids of ours to have another brother or sister. I'm also excited to help our future look brighter than ever. We have the most loving kids and the world needs that right now.

I'll keep you updated on this next journey during my show every day from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as the 4 of us becomes 5!

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