It was a joke down the last half of 2020, "blame it on 2020!" Well, it's 2021 and things continue to spiral out of control. Will 2021 be a better year? The Capitol was just taken over by citizens of America. What should I tell my son and daughter?

I was looking for something to write this afternoon and how you avoid what's happened today. Someone was shot inside the Capitol in D.C., the American Flag was replaced with a Trump flag and police officers were attacked.

It's just a few minutes before I go on-air to talk about Boise things. We just found out our air show was getting canceled due to the pandemic which I really wanted to take my son. I was discussing Moug's wedding with his co-host Angie and how amazing it was. My son has a birthday coming up and we're trying to figure out bunk beds. Just life stuff. Then today happened.

I use this platform as my outlet to speak or voice my opinion. I guess that's what I'm doing as my son will ask me what happened today. I just really don't know what to say. How am I supposed to discuss this?

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It's sad that we have to even explain what's happening in our country right now but it's not shocking. People fight over different things as generations change. The answer is we don't have the correct formula. It's parenting. We get to assist in teaching our children the right and wrong ways of going about things. There's no such thing as making our kids like us because it's impossible. We can share our values and teach them from mistakes.

I'll leave you with this video that always is a reminder. You might not agree with everything the first time and that's okay. Listen to it again. I hope our country can come together in the future and that's where our kids come in. Let's do a good job.


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