If you're trying to decide if you want to sign up for Kate University at The Lab next Wednesday morning, I have details that will motivate you to say yes and change your life for good!

Kate University at The Lab

Making the decision to change your lifestyle and commit to working out is scary. I can vouch for that!

How I got myself to The Lab by Fitness Revolution

  1. I was tired of feeling like a sloth
  2. A friend recommended The Lab to me (Now I'm your friend recommending it to you)
  3. The schedule and time commitment. 30 minutes...There was no excuse I could come up with that was good enough to explain why I couldn't devote 30 minutes to myself.

Here is why I've stayed at The Lab for the last 2 1/2 years

  1. I saw the results I wanted from going to the sessions and following the nutrition plan. I've never felt better!
  2. The session times fit into my schedule. I go at noon or in the afternoon. I put it on my calendar and make a commitment to keep those "appointments." 30 minutes and I'm in and out of there and back to my life
  3. I love my coaches! Brett, Justin and Kourtney are awesome and took the time to get to know me and what it takes to motivate me to reach my goals. They push me while at the same time supporting me. I need them. I can't push myself to get these results on my own. I know myself. If I didn't have them coaching me, I would just drive past the gym on my way home or if I did go in, I would walk on the treadmill at the slowest pace and then go home and reward myself with food. The Lab broke that cycle for me.

This is what your Kate University experience will look like

  • You'll pay a one time fee of $106 for the entire 6 week program
  • 2 (30 minute) sessions Monday thru Friday. These are group sessions. You will have a coach who works with 10-20 students. You pick the times based on your schedule
  • You have the option of going to Lab 101 sessions on Saturday (6 total between Oct 18-Nov 22). The only one that is required is October 18th for orientation.

You'll choose from the High Intensity Training times available. Don't be intimidated by "High Intensity Training."  This type of program is used to get the most out of your 30 minutes so you don't need to come every day.  60 minutes a week will change your life. And each workout has level 1, 2, or 3. You'll start on level 1 and work your way up. The Lab sculpts their workouts for all fitness levels.

Again, don't hesitate to ask me any questions kate.mcgwire@townsquaremedia.com

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