Free Advice Friday wasn't so quick and easy today.  Mike thought it wasn't that big of a deal. I would be weirded out if one of my friend's husbands leaned in and did this to me.

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Here is the question we got for Free Advice Friday:

"I need advice fast. Last weekend we were at a friend’s house playing cards There were 3 couples and one woman who was single. She and I are friends. Not best friends but close friends. She was the last to arrive and walked in saying hello to everyone and giving hugs to those huggers and then when she was saying hello to my husband she kissed him on the lips. She did also kiss another husband on the lips. No tongue. It was quick and seemed innocent by appearances. But I was shocked. This has never happened before. At least not that I know of. I talked with the other wife whose husband got a kiss and she laughed about it and said that is just how that woman is. She told me it’s no big deal especially in front of other people. I am not comfortable with my husband kissing other woman on the lips. I talked to my husband about this when we got home. He admitted he was surprised by it but since she kissed the other guy he figured that is just how she is. But said if it bothered me he would turn a cheek next time. My question is, do I talk to this woman and make an issue of it or just hope that she gets the hint then my husband turns a cheek? Would you be upset if someone kissed your spouse on the lips even if it was a friend?"

Mike said she shouldn't make a big deal of it and be glad that her husband is willing to turn a cheek. I don't think this woman should feel bad for being bothered by this. We each have our own boundaries.

I would hope that this other woman would get the hint when the husband starts turning a cheek but if she doesn't then I think you can say something. We got a few calls from people after the fact saying kissing on the mouth is not always sexual and there is nothing to be upset about. If you kiss your parents on the mouth, then why not a friend? What do you think about someone kissing your spouse on the lips?