The New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole have and advice segment called Free Advice Friday that runs every Friday morning beginning at 7:35. Last week a listener didn't take their free advice and she ended up in jail for the night. Here's what happened.

We received a call from a woman who needed help, because she had moved her co-worker/boyfriend into her house with her and her husband. He didn't know that they were having an affair.  We advised to get the boyfriend/co-workers ass out of the house asap and take care of the marriage or divorce, whichever she was going to do before doing anything with her boyfriend.  She decided against our advice, and it cost her, she ended up in jail for the night.

Here are a few phone calls with her updating the situation, and her boyfriend/co-worker also calling to give his side of the story.  Real life really is better than fiction, cause you really can't make this crap up

The moral of the story is that if you don't listen to Mike and Nicole's advice you could be headed to jail.


If you need advice, please email or call us on Friday mornings before 7:30 at 376-5106