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I was in a hotel room as my co-worker say, "Keke! Keke! Wake up! Something is happening with planes in New York!" I sat up and stared for hours trying to make sense of what was on television.

I'd barely been in Spokane, Washington weeks, living in a hotel room till I was set up with my apartment and everything still felt foreign to me. That's when the Twin Towers in New York collapsed one at a time.

I'm not sure how many hours passed before my boss called. This is the part I remember like it was yesterday, "Kekeluv. Are you coming in today?" Let me set the tone quickly because I'd just taken this job, was living in a hotel, and the station was currently stunting before launching our new format. This terrorist attack on our country in this manner changed everything and not just our lives.

That morning I jumped on-air, we blew off the stunting and just started updating our audience. This was a place that none of the radio had gone before. Stations across the country started simulcasting AM stations to play the news. I can't remember how long that went but 911 changed our lives forever.

Courtesy: Youtube

Several of the corporate company teams lived in New York and I had several radio friends including record labels that are based in the heart of NYC. We lost friends.

I think about life and how something like this changed us. This happened almost 20 years ago. There are so many of our listeners that weren't even born yet and it's easy for these things to fade away.

I just want to say thanks to all of our first responders because I know that your family gave lives to save others. Each day you put on those boots, helmet, and grab that hose you're putting your life in jeopardy. I recognize that.

I would love to share this song from friends in Las Vegas. This is a song narrated by a girl who loses a father on 911. She continues to write letters to her dad keeping in up to date on the biggest moments of her life and telling her how much she misses him. This is an emotional song that makes me tear up even writing this.

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