Today Is the Perfect Day to Thank a Treasure Valley First Respond
Every time 9/11 rolls around, I think about the first responders who rushed into the Trade Towers that day in 2001 to save lives, thinking very little about their own. Would any of us have had the guts? It makes today the perfect day to thank a first responder in the Treasure Valley for what they …
9/11 Where Where You?
September 11, 2001, this many years later still feels the same as it did that calm sunny Tuesday morning from the campus where I was in college at The University Of Idaho.
Ada County Celebrates New Emergency 911 Dispatch Center
Ada County celebrated their new emergency 911 dispatch center with a ribbon cutting yesterday.
A new-and-improved $15 million facility will provide the technology needed to keep the public safe, including 911 text messaging.
The new facility will replace the current dispatch center that&CloseCurlyQuot…
9/11 Museum Wing in Nampa
The Warhawk Air Museum takes you on a journey from World War I through the Cold War era, with memorabilia and airplanes to share history. They are looking to expand their timeline with a new wing dedicated to September 11 and those who have served in the Middle East, you will be able to step in…
9/11 Memorials In NYC & DC
Today, as we remember the events of 15 years ago, and the tragedy and heroism that was displayed, I wanted to share a look at 9/11 Memorials in both Washington DC and New York.
Security Stops Kids From Singing
From the Department of "You Have Got to be Kidding Me!!!" A group of middle school children recently visited the 911 Memorial and began singing the National Anthem. Before they got to finish, security guards stopped them from singing. Keep in mind, this story didn't happen in …
Cat Saves Boy
We all think of cats as aloof and as a pet not really protective, but this amazing video proves me and everything everyone has ever thought about cats wrong.

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