Look... Yes, I'm a guy but I can get down with some romcoms from time to time. They've broken down which Romantic Comedy each state loves most and I'm sorry, but I don't believe Idaho's is what they're telling us...

The Princess Bride is a good movie, maybe moving into becoming a classic at this point, but there are so many great movies, how is this Idaho's favorite? What about 40 year-old virgin? There's something about Mary? The only thing that comes to mind when I hear "Princess Bride" is the old guy saying "inconceivable!"... That is the right movie, right?

However, looking at this map of the US and each state's favorite romcom, you might come up with some good ideas of movies to watch on Valentine's Day with your significant other. Hitch is an awesome movie, so is 50 first dates. Of course you've got the Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan duos like You've got mail and Sleepless in Seattle. Is Sleepless in Seattle a romcom? I don't know if that counts... Maybe it's just a rom like Titanic.

I'll give credit to Nevada cause Pretty Woman is a legitimate, bona fide classic starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. They were a classic duo back in the day, too!

Either way, whether or not you identify with Idaho's favorite romcom being Princess Bride or not, I hope this map will give you some ideas of some good movies to enjoy this weekend with your love! I hope the food is amazing too!

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