The Lack Of Toilet Paper In Idaho
Despite the fact that there is a toilet paper factory in our state, the toilet paper hoarding at the beginning of this pandemic has created a perpetual problem. I got to the bottom of it (ha), and found out WHEN the best time to make a T.P. run is!
Clocks Spring Forward This Weekend
Do you know how much self worth I derived as a child being the tech savvy smarty-pants that got to change all my grandma's clocks? I literally had this attitude of like... "Hold my beer, grandma... Clocks are on me".
“Do You Plan On Wearing A Mask?”
A question my aunt asked me yesterday, regarding Coronavirus, which I initially thought was silly, but then I got a Twitter notification about the CDC's assessment of the virus and no, I'm not going to wear one, yet...
Idaho’s Favorite Romcom Is…
Look... Yes, I'm a guy but I can get down with some romcoms from time to time. They've broken down which Romantic Comedy each state loves most and I'm sorry, but I don't believe Idaho's is what they're telling us...
Deceased Boise Man Tested For Coronavirus
This whole Coronavirus thing is pretty scary... And apparently a man that has passed away here in Idaho is going through a second round of testing to determine whether or not he had the virus.
Looking For The Best Idaho Bachelor Party Ideas
So I'm brand new to to the Treasure Valley/Idaho and I'm loving it so far, and I'd really love to show it off to my friends by having my bachelor party here, I just need help coming up with some cool ideas of things to do!

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