How do we get this fixed and who is in charge of Idaho! I thought the more you paid the better the speed (currently checking my Sparklight account).

Why did this headline irritate me, "The 10 Fastest and Slowest States for Internet". I would never really click on that but it was sent to me. That could only mean Idaho falls in the top or bottom. Well, we finally made the bottom of a list. Congratulations.

Idaho ranks #4 in the slowest state category created by Is this like a space thing? Ozone layer thing? Elevation thing? Help your guy out Idaho because how do Idaho and Montana make the top 4 in the country?

Let's put this in the perspective of the highest which is Maryland with 84.1 Mbps, Colorado at 70.9 Mbps, the lowest in Alaska with 20.6 Mbps, and Boise at 30.9 Mbps. This number is already flawed because I lived in Alaska. Have you been? You can't just coast up to the AK where glaciers live and Moose run the state. The mountain you drive next to never ends when looking up. Anchorage is was a surreal experience and it's also the place listed in commercial ads that end in, "...offer good except blah, blah, and Alaska." I tell you that because why are we that close to Alaska and internet speeds?


The average speed in the country is 59.5 Mbps and we're well below that. The funny thing is mine runs fine so I'm just wondering what kind of speed everyone else has?

I'm writing this for you as a tool to detour potential new Idahoans. Just tell them that yes it's a great place but we can barely watch one video on Youtube. You have to laugh at their using a ton of things on their internet like phones, security cams, watches, lights and the rest. Just say not in Idaho. We don't even use the internet!

Thank me later 😂


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