First and foremost, Boise is amazing. I had the pleasure of getting up here from San Antonio, Texas after accepting a job here in Boise in October of 2021 and it's been nothing short of fantastic. Where do I even begin? The views of the mountains, the incredible weather (even if snow is an entirely new thing to me), the people, the nightlife... I mean, I could go on and on.

All of that being said, there were some things that came as a shock to me with the biggest one being the cost of housing. People blame the cost of housing on people moving here from California but I haven't (thankfully) received much hassle about it... is it because I'm from Texas? We can explore that another time. But, as I've gotten to familiarize myself and my family with the area, talking with locals, I realized that even as great Boise is, there are still some things people would change about this amazing city.

Now, I fully understand that some of these are just downright impossible as is the case for reason number ten and even reason number one but we're also living in the future. Anything is possible.

We polled the people of Boise, locals who have lived here for some time, and sought out their suggestions as to how we could make Boise great again. Do you agree with this top ten list? Are there changes you think are necessary that aren't on this list? Or, maybe you're angry about some of these suggestions? Let me know about them here.

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