It's going to take more than a car to get to this beautiful hideaway near Twin Falls, but follow this guide and you'll see some true clear water beauty AND get some exercise!

It was my wife's idea this past weekend... "Let's get out of town and go find Blue Heart Springs, as she showed me these pictures she saw on Pinterest. My initial thought was: "we have to drive two hours and then kayak on a hundred+ degree day? No thank you." Luckily, she's persistent and I don't like to let her down so away we went!

Take I-84 East like you're heading towards Twin Falls, once you get to Bliss, go south on US-30. Take US-30 E till you get to Banbury Road and follow it around till you see Banbury Hot Springs. if you go early enough on the weekend, parking is a breeze. It also doesn't hurt to reserve your kayak(s) ahead of time. Once you're at the kayak launch and you're in yours, head North up the river about 25 minutes and when the river turns a sharp left, head right (you'll see other kayak-ers heading into the little corner behind the trees). There's quite a bit of natural debris in the water that seems to serve as a filter of sorts cause once you're in there, the water is clear and beautiful! It's such a cool, hidden gem and it isn't too far from home! Careful though, because this water is COLD! Even on a hundred degree day, this water was bone-chilling cold, but also so refreshing. Enjoy!

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Blue Heart Springs

Blue Heart Springs on the Snake River

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