Things To Do In Quarantine This Weekend!
As I continue to do my part in social distancing, I know that once I leave work to go home, I'll be there all weekend. Here are some things to do while you quarantine at home this weekend.
The Lack Of Toilet Paper In Idaho
Despite the fact that there is a toilet paper factory in our state, the toilet paper hoarding at the beginning of this pandemic has created a perpetual problem. I got to the bottom of it (ha), and found out WHEN the best time to make a T.P. run is!
The Couch Potato’s Guide To Hiking
Even couch potatoes like myself are getting bored at being home and possibly considering doing something... Active? I know, it's a wild thought, but read this before you hit the trails...
My Story Made It On The News
A lot of people are losing out on big events; graduation ceremonies, proms, concerts... For me, it was my wedding. CBS 2 Boise had me and my fiance on yesterday to talk about it. #Video
What To Do (At Home) This Weekend
As we head into the weekend, everyone is freaked of course about this whole Coronavirus thing, trying to avoid public gatherings and all, but we need things to do! Here's a few ideas of things to get you through the weekend without catchin' Corona!

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