Yay! I Pooped Today!
You've seen the billboards and the sponsored ads online, maybe even heard us (Moug & Angie) talking about it... What's it all about? Are we really that proud of our bowel movements? The answer is yes!
Meridian’s Best Restaurant Is…
I did a little research (on Facebook), specifically looking for the best restaurant in Meridian and it came down to a toss up between these two local Meridian power houses....
Should Men Wear Their Wedding Bands?
Serious question. I was having my ring re-sized at a jewelry store on Fairview and this woman walked in and said "Why would you even wear that? Real men don't wear rings..."
Titanic Exhibit at Idaho Discovery Center Soon
While I am far from a history buff, in fact it is probably what I put the least effort in school, the Titanic has always been fascinating to me. I cant honestly say if that would have been the case had it not been for the blockbuster movie. The car scene was so scandalous when I was a teen watching …

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