Who doesn't love a spicy conspiracy theory?

Fashion and social trends come and go, but Idaho's preoccupation with conspiracy theories is anything but a fad.

From the reptilians that are rumored to walk among us in the Gem State, to the notion that the earth is flat and ruled by a dark secret society, the internet is inundated with conspiracy theories too compelling for Idaho's tin hat crowd to ignore.



Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

The ancient Greeks turned to Zeus and his 12 demigods to explain the phenomena of weather. In the absence of scientific and mathematical logic, the Greeks believed weather phenomena illustrated the current feelings and temperaments of the gods. 

These civilizations also personified the seasons as deities that they needed to worship. Early civilizations often believed that the weather was an indication of how the gods were feeling at the time. Weather events such as storms, droughts, and floods were believed to be punishment for misdeeds. -Twinkl USA

Privately or publicly, many people turn to conspiracy theories to make sense of today's disturbing disasters, mysterious events, and the hierarchy of global society.


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But the big balls on Idaho power lines aren't a conspiracy theory. 

They're as real as the air we breathe, and they have nothing to do with Big Brother's watchful eye. For years, we've heard Idahoans entertain the idea that there are cameras inside the big red balls on Idaho power lines.

While we admit we've bought into a conspiracy theory or two in the past, this one's just not true. They're strategically-placed aviation safety tools called aerial markers. Aerial markers are coated with a reflective sheen that makes them easier for pilots to spot on in low-visibility conditions.

The weigh around 17 pounds and you'll see them on power lines near mountain passes like Bogus Basin, throughout Boise's Treasure Valley, Boise Airport, and major Idaho freeways.

Sorry, folks. There's nothin' more to it.

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