Forgive & Forget: Christmas Lights & Trump Flags
Josh needs to ask his neighbor Megan for forgiveness as he took it upon himself to remove her Christmas lights while she was out of town. She got back and thinks someone stole them and FLIPPED out in their neighborhood Facebook page, mad that anyone would go anywhere near her house so he wants our h…
Forgive & Forget: Wing Woman
Kimmy needs to ask her friend and co-worker Madison for forgiveness. Madison is crushing on this guy they work with and Kimmy was supposed to do be a wing woman and do some reconnaissance to see if he was interested in her as well. Well, then she figured out that SHE liked the guy and now she's…
Forgive & Forget: I Got The Job
Kiara wants to ask her good friend and co-worker Trisha for forgiveness. She got her dream job! No literally, Kiara got Trish's dream job. A promotion she'd been trying to get for a long time. Kiara doesn't even work in the same department but she got the job over her friend and she w…
Yay! I Pooped Today!
You've seen the billboards and the sponsored ads online, maybe even heard us (Moug & Angie) talking about it... What's it all about? Are we really that proud of our bowel movements? The answer is yes!

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