Knowledge is power and in today's world, we have access to a lot of it. We have artificial intelligence, GPS, and of course... Google. The thing about knowledge is that too much of it can instill some fear: if you know too much, your imagination can run away with paranoia.

The city of Nampa recently unveiled a tool that empowers the people who live there with the knowledge that can either make you feel safe... or keep you up at night if you don't like knowing what's happening next door.

A Map That Reveals Where Crime Is Happening In Nampa

According to a Facebook post from Nampa Police Department, a new map is now available for Nampa residents to track where crime is happening in their area.

We looked at the map and it breaks down the crime into four categories:

  • Violent
  • Property & Theft
  • Disorder/Disturbance
  • 911/Other

The Good And The Bad

With the map not being in real-time and updated every 24 hours, you don't want to count on the map for live crime updates. While that can be seen as a negative to some, it's not the map's intended purpose. People living in Nampa will at least be able to see where crimes took place and if it was near their homes. Some might find that unsettling but if you start noticing a trend, maybe the map will sway you into thinking about moving or other decisions.

You can check out the interactive map here.

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