Twin Falls

Lies Idahoans Tell Themselves
We have all done it, lied to ourselves or others to make things easier or because you are trying to make yourself feel better. Here are some lies I have heard Idahoans tell themselves, tell me, and lies I have been guilty of as well.
Playing Tourist At Home
Travel in 2020 is pretty nightmare-ish. Sometimes it's cool to play tourist here at home in Idaho. We moved our honeymoon plan from Spain to a beautiful, quiet part of Idaho and couldn't be more excited!
7 Words To Learn To Sound Like A True Idahoan
When I first moved here I learned that Idahoans say things differently and have their own lingo. If you want to sound like a native Idahoan and not be pegged as an "outsider" there are some words you should learn.
Rainy Days Are The Best Days
I was raised by my mother to be an optimist. She'd never allow us to say we were "sick", she'd say "sick is for sick people" and that we just had a cold or weren't feeling well. She also raised me to appreciate rainy days, and this past Saturday did not disappoint.
Idaho, You’re Gorgeous!
When was the last time you played tourist in your own state? We went for a drive this weekend just to get out and breathe some fresh air and man, is this state gorgeous!

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