Evel is a legend. He was best known for his motorcycle stunts that occurred between 1965 and 1980. According Visit Southern Idaho, He earned the Guinness Book of Records title of most broken bones in a lifetime. Did you know that his most daring and final jump was across Idaho's Snake River Canyon. This stunt took place on September 8th, 1974.

Evel's team built a massive launch ramp and the goal was to rocket off of the launch with his X-2 Skycycle, cross the massive gap between the canyon and land on the other side. Thousands of spectators gathered to watch and it was broadcasted on live TV as well. This they said was his most dangerous stunt yet.

Spoiler alert, things didn't go as planned. The main failure occurred when the parachute opened on takeoff, Evel and the parachute went down, down, down. He ended up with a broken nose out of the ordeal. Evel never attempted a stunt quite that grand again.  Now a monument now sits at the location to honor him and his legacy.

Here is some more information and areal view of the stunt location.

 Here is a video with actual footage from the stunt.
On September 16, 2016, according to CBS News, more than "40 years after iconic daredevil Evel Knievel famously failed to jump Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho, Eddie Braun soared 2,000 feet in the air to complete the feat. stuntman Eddie Braun did what Evel did not: he successfully jumped the Canyon in a rocket motorcycle built by the son of the man who built the original rocket motorcycle." It was named “Evel Spirit” in Knievel’s honor.

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