Kate University sign ups are OPEN! This month's Kate University class is all about getting fit, whether you need to re-boot your new year's resolution or you're just tired of being out of shape.

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Kate University Ax-Fit at Axiom Fitness is the perfect way to check out metabolic training! I have been doing metabolic strength training for the last two years and absolutely LOVE the results!


Ax-Fit is Axiom's own system of metabolic resistance training. This workout system tears down  the barriers between traditional weight training and cardio training. This intense workout will build muscle, torch fat and improve overall physical fitness.

Don't be intimidated by all that. This is a class for beginners just like all other Kate University classes. This class is a sample to find out if this is the type of workout you want to continue doing. And I will be right there with you, sweating it out! If you are wanting to get in shape, lose weight or jump start your workout, this class is for you.  The only students who will be in this class will be other Kate U students in the exact same place you are.

If you have taken the Ax-Fit class at Axiom Fitness before, this class is not for you. This is for the newbies.

WHEN: Thursday March 27th
TIME: 5-6:30PM
WHERE: Axiom Fitness ParkCenter Blvd
COST: $10
WHO: Adults only. Men and women welcome
CLASS SIZE: First 10 adults to sign up

You will be contacted within 24 hours through email if you are one of the first 10 to sign up.