If you have more than one person in your selfie, it's not actually a selfie. It's not a group selfie either. Someone on the world wide web felt this awkward group photo needed it's own name.

Kate McGwire Photos

I travel alone a lot, so I have tons of selfies in my photo albums. And if I want a group shot when out with the girls and no one is around to take the pic, then we do a group selfie. These awkward photos always give us something to laugh at because the person who gets stuck taking the picture looks like they have a shoulder that could rival an NFL lineman and they end up with 12 chins. Never flattering but still comical.

Group selfie is a term you no longer need in your vocabulary because according to ivillage.com. Usie describes the group self photo. I thought this new word rhymed with doozy but apparently it rhymes with fussy. A photo of "us" taken by one of "us" in the picture is called and Usie. I wish they would have asked me, even though I don't know who "they" is. The creator of Usie cannot be found on the world wide web. If "they" had asked, I would have suggested Groupie. Of course that word is already taken by crazy girls that stalk big hair bands from the 80s so it could become a little confusing. I don't think I will be using the word Usie. It sounds too much like hussie. Like everything else in my world, I will be a little behind the times and still using group selfie or I may even go out on a ledge and just say selfie and hope that you can figure out it's a group picture because there will be someone other than me in the photo! #buckingthesystem #repelingtechnology #rulebreaker!