Selfies Close Park
When you see a wild animal, is your first thought to take a selfie with it?  It turns out that's dangerous, and the desire for bear selfies has one Colorado park closed.
Now I Get Why Selfie Sticks Are so Bad
When I first heard that selfie sticks were getting banned at different locations across the country, I couldn't believe my ears.  Why would selfie sticks be deemed so dangerous as to be banned.  Then I saw this video and now I understand.
The 60 Worst Mother Selfies
I don't think my mother knows what a selfie is, but times are changing and there's a lot of Moms who do. You have to check out these Mom-Selfies. It's shocking.
How Many?
The angle, the lighting, the all has to be right before we consider a selfie good enough to post.
The Selfie Shoe
Sit down, because this might be the best news you hear all day.  The Selfie Stick or the belfie stick (butt selfies) have one major problem.  That problem: Where do you store the sticks when you aren’t using them?
Kelly Ripa Selfie Accident
In a moment of feeling proud of her back side, Kelly Ripa snaps a photo of her booty in the mirror and sends it to her husband. The response wasn't what she expected - it was from her in-laws.
Do We Look This Funny Taking Selfies?
A dad has gone viral with this video of his daughter taking selfies in the back seat.  He must have noticed all the commotion, and whipped out his phone to capture this madness for all of us.  Enjoy!

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