Everyone keeps what I did over the weekend considering it was a holiday day off. I'm actually hearing people ask each other in the hallways how their Labor Day was. So, how was yours?

I had an event with Team Mazda in Nampa on Sunday hosting another one of their massive $5 Labor Day Sales. The rest of the weekend was cleaning and getting ready for Lennox's first day of Kindergarten. That's when the bird hit the window.

I feel like I'm used to hearing things hit as we have two pretty big windows I from and four in the back. I assume the bird just didn't understand it was a reflection as he went headfirst and didn't make it. Or, something like that.


That's happened before whether the little weenie dog (Ace) we had would catch flying down or just other birdies come crashing in. I'm actually surprised we haven't had one come through yet. Look, it's a bird that went off their pass and that's it. Not so fast with my children. I guess while doing my show on Friday they were on hands and knees looking at it. "Oh, nooooooo. Poor birdie. Oh, noooooooo!" I think it just repeats if you were there.

We couldn't just throw the bird according to the wifey and kids. I mean what else would you do with it? Well, you bury it. So, the plan before I got home was to have a funeral for this bird that included speech. Awesome.

The last time I did something like this is when I bought a 40-ounce bottle of beer so I could pour it out for my homie, the Goldfish. I took that little guy, put him on a big leaf, and sent him out to sea. Well, Parkcenter Pond (true story). I even pulled up "Gangsta Lean" by D.R.S.



So, we wrote a letter, said a little speech, and buried the little bird in the back. My son seemed to be more worried about finding worms and a Roly-poly. It still went great and I was pretty proud of my kids. I mean, they could have not cared but they were really worried. Super sweet kids and that was my weekend,  Oh, my son named the bird, "George".


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