The Boise Police Department is investigating an event from someone or a group of people that must have been bored Monday. The "Seated Lincoln" located in Julia Davis Park was vandalized. Were these just people looking for something to do or was it politically driven?

You can draw your own conclusion when you see the photos on Instagram. This does look like a bit more than just some drunk college kids all for a walk.

Black History Month began today celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans in every area throughout history officially recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976. This historic month coincides with Abraham Lincoln's birthday which falls on February 12, 1809. Lincoln formally issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to liberate all enslaved people. So, did this act happen at Julia Davis Park by just some kids being ignorant, or was this more?

We have a lot happening in our country and there is no denying it. I see things like this and it's not shocking based upon the current political climate we're all living in. I'm not even sure if you call it politics, activism, or stupidity. It's definitely disappointing and sad not knowing what the true motivation was.

Defacing a venerated object to provoke an emotional response will not help us rise to our better selves.

That comes from Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee. Mayor Lauren McLean also made a statement,

At a time when our democracy is fragile, this is particularly disturbing as President Lincoln sought to keep our fractured nation together and to address the scourge of slavery - losing his life for it. On the first day of Black History month, it's essential to honor those in our community, reflect on our past, and work together for a better future.

Everything has been cleaned up and back to normal. However, the problem still continues to grow. Protests have been going on way before I was born and will continue throughout our future. This is our right as Americans living in a free country. Something is happening though and even in sweet little Boise.

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