I’ve never written something about tragedies surrounding kids at the same time before. We are witnessing the community come out in the hundreds to hold candles, search and just support to find little 2-year-old Rory in Eagle. That family needs your prayers now more than ever as that search continues.

Then you have 9-year-old Emrik Osuna whose life was stolen in the worst case of child abuse I’ve seen in a long time. My heart breaks for anyone that knew Emrik. God was waiting for you little guy, you’re safe now.

I have no words for the dad and stepmother. No tolerance for beating your kids or significant other. you took out your own aggression on someone that couldn’t defend themself. He was only 9. just 9 years old.

This should be a wakeup call if you need one. It’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last. It’s your responsibility to stand up for these kids that can’t defend themselves. If you hear something, say something. someone knew this kid was being beaten and nothing happened. This wasn’t the first occurrence and never is.

Abusing a child is like slowly taking pieces of their great future away. Each time you put another bruise on their skin, there is a mental scar that never goes away. You are a coward. Your life sucked? Get help and break the cycle of abuse before it breaks someone else.

This is also a reminder that abuse isn’t racist, doesn’t care who you love, and surely doesn’t give a damn about how old you are. Child abuse attacks anyone. I’m sorry, but it’s all of our responsibility to call the police on your brother, a mother/father, a neighbor, and get that kid some help. if you’re wrong, great. but if you don’t call and you’re right? can you live with that?

I've been working with abuse victims and survivors for 14 years and each situation is different. The one common thread that I find is where their life could have changed. In so many of these cases, all it would have taken is that one person to say something. Instead, the abuse continued and their lives went a different direction.

I pray they find that little boy in Eagle because you just never know. They held a candlelight vigil on Thursday and there will be one for Emrik Osuna at the Community Council of Idaho, Inc in Caldwell Friday night.

KTVB did a great story with full details that I can't read. You get to that point where it's just too much to read what that poor kid went through. All that said, it's real life and we can turn away anymore. That link below.

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