I've only been here for a few weeks, but I've done some research, and I'm putting together some pretty solid arguments as to why the rest of my family should move here, and the weather is at the top of the list!

Maybe you've found yourself in a similar situation as I have... You've moved to Boise, and you're trying to convince family and friends to come here. I'm starting with the weather! When I told my sister I was moving to Boise, she was like "have fun shoveling snow every morning", and I was like... I don't think it's that kind of deal...

So, I've lived in the hot desert of Vegas, I've lived on the beach in San Diego and I even lived in snow-covered Denver for a winter and I've come to the conclusion that Boise has the best weather. I love Vegas, I consider it my home town, but, as a ginger, I have a tough time with the brutally hot, long summers. Too many 100+ degree days. San Diego was great; has beautiful weather, but you don't get much variation (and in the two years I lived there, I had two rental homes that didn't have air conditioning, which was pretty brutal).

Boise has winters that aren't too cold, summers that aren't 120 degrees for three months, and four distinct seasons to enjoy. This has become my biggest selling point when convincing my family and friends they need to pack up their lives and move to Boise. I know it's a bit cold right now, but I'm getting pretty excited about the spring and summer, and I can't wait till everything turns green!

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