San Diego

Are Your Dog’s ID Tag & Petlink Info Up To Date?
My dog, T-Rex seemed to go missing yesterday... We looked all over the place for him and it turned out he ended up shut in the bathroom somehow and just didn't make any noise when we called for him, so all is well there, but it did make me think...
It’s Gonna Be In The 80’s This Week
Absolutely gorgeous weather right now, gotta love Spring in Idaho. It was 62 when I was mowing my lawn this weekend but it felt like it was 72. Summer days are coming soon, but even better... Summer nights!
San Francisco TV Station Encouraging Viewers To Move To Boise
I recently saw a stat that said if your household income was less than $117,000 annually in San Francisco, you were living below the poverty line, so I guess it makes sense that people are looking to get out. Now, a Bay Area TV station seems to be encouraging it!
Boise’s Weather: The Best In The Country
I've only been here for a few weeks, but I've done some research, and I'm putting together some pretty solid arguments as to why the rest of my family should move here, and the weather is at the top of the list!
Nicole’s Family Vacation [Photos]
My family rarely goes on vacation. We actually figured out before leaving that the last time we had gone on vacation out of state, was when my oldest son turned 8 years old and we took him to Disney World in Orlando. He will be 13 years old in June...