Las Vegas

Another Trip Around The Sun & What Have I Done?
So my birthday is tomorrow (9/16) and it's a fairly insignificant one. 34. Though it is six years to forty which is kind of weird to think about. I do tend to think about where I've been and where I'm going. Am I satisfied with how I've used these first 34 years?
Boise’s Weather: The Best In The Country
I've only been here for a few weeks, but I've done some research, and I'm putting together some pretty solid arguments as to why the rest of my family should move here, and the weather is at the top of the list!
Mass Shooting At Route 91 Festival In Vegas
We're still waiting to hear from our local winner, Nicole Smith out of Meridian. We're hoping and praying she's o.k. 24 people shot, 12 in critical condition and at least 2 dead as of now.
What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas...Almost
I just got back from a long vacation in Vegas.  I missed all of you....I really did.  When you are gone from something you love to do for a long time you really do begin to miss it.  And I really do love getting up and entertaining all of you.  I was there for 7 days, which is about 2 or 3 days too …
Inappropriate Accidental E-mails
As you may have heard my two wives and I (my work wife Kate and my home wife Tracy) are heading to Vegas on vacation next week.  They however are headed to Riggins this weekend to go on their annual fishing trip for "Women with Bait"  I have a group of friends who are going to Vegas this w…

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