How Hot Is Too Hot For Dogs?
To walk them on the pavement, or to leave them for any length of time in the backyard. I feel like in the old days, dogs just lived outside but now my dogs are ready to come back in after about five minutes.
4th Of July Weekend Weather Alert!
So 2020 has dealt us some interesting hands, but at least here in the Treasure Valley, we'll kick off the second half of the year with a beautiful 4th of July Weekend!
I Guess Hoodie Weather Is Over
Don't get me wrong, I'm down for summertime, in fact, it's supposed to hit 100 degrees in Boise this weekend, which is exciting in a way, but my summer clothes seem to have shrunk since I last wore them.
Rainy Days Are The Best Days
And no one can convince me otherwise. I grew up in Vegas where it rained so rarely, that rainy days are THRILLING to me, and people always say, "trust me, you'll get bored of it" but I disagree.
It’s Gonna Be In The 80’s This Week
Absolutely gorgeous weather right now, gotta love Spring in Idaho. It was 62 when I was mowing my lawn this weekend but it felt like it was 72. Summer days are coming soon, but even better... Summer nights!

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