We haven't seen an overnight low this high since 1982. Is this a sign of global warming? Or just an abnormally hot kickoff to July?

Yesterday, Boise's overnight low was 80 degrees. The last time it didn't dip below 80 degrees overnight in Boise was back in 1982. Is this a sign of global warming? Climate change? Or is this just a year where we and other parts of the country are experiencing a rather hot swing in the climate cycle? That's not something I'm smart enough to figure out, so I'll let the scientists speak on that. What I can say, is yeah, it's particularly hot this summer. So many consecutive 100 degree days and today seems like a cool 100 degree day after experiencing temps of 106, 108 and so forth.

It's certainly hot this summer in the Treasure Valley and it's always great to remind yourself to stay hydrated (I even made a song about it)! It's also important to stay cool, protect yourself, your children and pets from the hot sun and from hot cars. Earlier it was only 89 outside but the air in my car when I hopped in was almost unbreathable it was so hot. We just have three weeks of July to blast through and then there's August and then by mid-September we'll be talking about pumpkin spice lattes and putting up Halloween decorations. Let's just remember to stay cool and to be kind to one another during this hot, hot Treasure Valley summer. Big thank you to Treasure Valley Weather HQ on Facebook for the interesting stat!

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