4th Of July Weekend Weather Alert!
So 2020 has dealt us some interesting hands, but at least here in the Treasure Valley, we'll kick off the second half of the year with a beautiful 4th of July Weekend!
The Dangers of Playground Equipment in the Summer
It’s hard enough trying to keep the kids entertained over summer break. It definitely doesn't help with the crazy hot temperatures we have had in the Treasure Valley over the past couple of weeks. It makes it even harder when it comes to playing at the park or playground...
Boise Pools Expected To Hit Capacity This Weekend
City of Boise Parks and Recreation says to expect heavy crowds at the pools this weekend. With the high temps, they except all 6 pools will hit capacity.
The city makes sure they're always fully staffed with lifeguards and that everyone is staying safe in the sun...
Never Leave Children Unattended In A Hot Car
With temperatures nearing triple digits this week in Boise, it's an important reminder this time of the year to never leave kids alone, trapped in hot cars. It's extremely dangerous, and every summer children die from it. This topic makes me physically ill and angry...
How Hot is Too Hot Outside?
Everyone answers that question differently.  Someone in they northeast may say 85 is too warm and they'll stay inside in the AC, and a southerner might argue that 85 is a chilly summer day.  It's all relative.  So how hot is too hot for you?

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