History & hiking collide on this unforgettable Idaho adventure.

Are you a World War II buff? A regular at Table Rock in Boise? If you nodded yes to either or both, kudos. You sound like someone we'd love to have a beer with. If you nodded no to either or both, that's cool, too. We'd still tie one off with you 😉

All are welcome to explore Idaho's unique tie to World War II. 

You don't have to be a history buff or a super-fit mountaineer to hike your way through one of Idaho's coolest adventures. Idahoans and tourists of all ages have embarked on the 10-mile trek to the World War II ruins in Idaho.

Nestled in beautiful Payette National Forest, adventurers will find the remains of a B-23 bomber scatter about the shores of Loon Lake. For a glimpse of what you're in for and tips from folks who've made the journey, check out the gallery below.

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  • The WWII bomber that fell out of the sky & crashed in Idaho

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  • 11 incredible facts about D-Day & Idaho's Greatest Generation

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This World War II Bomber Fell Out of the Sky & Crashed in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela


The Missing Man Table, also referred to as The Fallen Comrade Table, is intended to remind patrons to honor our fallen, imprisoned, and Missing in Action Veterans.

The table, as well as every item on it, carries a significant meaning. After you scroll through what each item means, check out the quick video at the end that demonstrates how the table is set.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

11 Incredible Facts About D-Day & the Greatest Generation

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

How To Legally Purchase A Tank And Other Military Vehicles in Idaho

Here are three vehicles for sale and the truth about owning a tank in Idaho...

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Top 10 Boise Brands that Love Military & First Responders

These 10 Boise businesses and retailers offer service members, Veterans and first responders deals and discounts every day 🤍

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7 Deadly Weapons That Are 100% Illegal... Except in Idaho

Idaho would be the ultimate state and setting for the horror-film franchise The Purge... here are 7 weapons that are illegal in other states but not Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas


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