This is super bizarre... The guy who somehow got his Mustang under a truck in a downtown parking garage and dragged it, damaging 11 cars, has been arrested! Have you seen the crazy video yet? We have it here in case you haven't.

What a weird Valentine's Day activity.

You have to try to get yourself into this kind of trouble. I feel like this doesn't just happen to people, right? By the way, it's a pretty big truck getting dragged through the garage, here's the original video:

So the guy somehow managed to break loose from that truck and take off, police were looking for him and he was rumored to be hanging out in Idaho City, I guess a tip paid off and he ended up getting arrested. He's a 27 year old dude named Demariea L. Dawkins from Livermore, CA and according to the Idaho Statesman, he "was charged with malicious injury to property, a felony, and also was arrested on a so-called agent’s warrant, which is a felony. He was charged with four misdemeanors: reckless driving, failure to notify upon striking an unattended vehicle, possession of an open container of alcohol and failure to notify upon striking fixtures."

So, two felonies and four misdemeanors. I'm guessing it'll be a while before he gets to drive through any more Boise parking garages. Glad they got him, though!

Check out his mugshot here if you're so inclined...  

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